Sgt Mike McGrew - A Higher Call To Duty

Sgt Mike McGrew - A Higher Call to Duty

Sargent Mike McGrew

The Book "A Higher Call To Duty"

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An inspirational true-life story on how one man endured and overcame trauma, tribulations, and insurmountable personal trials through a 31-year career as a Street Cop and Major Crimes detective. In this book Sergeant Mike McGrew opens his life and heart to the readers in order to share how his life was restored from a place of darkness that was

Sgt Mike McGrew - The Book A Higher Call To Duty
brought on by a grueling profession. A profession that caused him to wade through the trauma of others and face the intense and dangerous demands that are placed on first responders. Sergeant McGrew connects his experiences to the everyday lives of the reader in order to bring an impactful and meaningful example how to overcome the hurts and traumas we all may experience.

This highly decorated officer shares the excitement and intrigue of what it is like to wear the badge, but also covers the behind the scenes look at what the compilation of trauma can do to anyone, and how he was given hope and restoration at the brink of his own personal destruction.

Sergeant McGrew - A Reader's Guide

Sergeant McGrew offers the reader a guide on how his God given spiritual strength successfully navigated the perils of police work, along with his own personal trials which include the death of one child and the drug addiction of another child, his own struggles with alcohol, surviving violent attacks and a life-threatening battle with cancer.

Sergeant McGrew shares the supernatural miracles he has witnessed as a police officer and his experience in combating Satan in spiritual battles and inner healing. He provides examples of the power of our faith and how it grew in his life.

This book offers hope to those who are searching for it, a place to find peace in the midst of chaos, an example of how to become spiritually fit in the face of adversity, and a reason and way to be thankful and rejoice always in all circumstances. Sergeant McGrew shares his testimony and his spiritual growth in his relationship with Jesus Christ in order to offer help and encouragement to anyone that has experienced the attacks and hurts of the world and now seeks strength and peace.