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Interested Readers

Santa Barbara Cop Sgt Mike McGrew's Interested Readers

  • First Responders

  • Law Enforcement/Military Personnel

  • Firefighters/EMTs

  • People that Need Healing in their life

  • People with Addictions (AA)and Co Dependencies

  • People that like Police Stories

  • People of Christian Faith

  • People that have experienced Trauma 

  • People that have experienced Loss and Grief

  • People who have Recently Divorced

  • People that have experienced loss of a loved one through suicide

  • People struggling with Cancer

  • People seeking the Supernatural

  • People experiencing Spiritual Warfare

  • People who have lost faith and are looking for renewal

  • People that want to share Evangelistic Material with their friends and family

  • Bible Study Groups

  • Home Churches

  • Meet Up Groups