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The Author Sara Bush A Higher Call To Duty
The Author Sara Bush

SARA BUSH is a seasoned journalist who has covered numerous major events in the Southern California region as both a television news reporter and newspaper journalist. Her proven reputation as a bold and accurate journalist drew the attention of Sergeant Mike McGrew while she reported many of the major crimes he responded to and investigated during his career.

The editor of the local newspaper asked Sara to write a story about Sgt. McGrew, following his cancer diagnosis. As Sara interviewed Sgt. McGrew for the article, he shared with her his testimony of faith. The story made the front page of the paper. Sgt. McGrew felt the article captured accurately what God had done inhis life and admired the boldness of the author, speaking the name of Jesusin the front- page article. It was because of Sara Bush’s skills as a writer andher personal integrity that Sgt. McGrew felt led to recruit Sara Bush to help him write his memoir.

While Sara Bush had always planned on becoming an author, the path leading to this project could only be described as divine intervention. Writing this book changed the course of Sara’s life. As Sgt. McGrew putsit, “The story behind this book is a story in itself.”

In addition to author and journalist, Sara is a wife and mother of two beautiful children.