About Sgt. McGrew A Higher Call To Duty

About Sgt. McGrew

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Sergeant Mike McGrew is a 31-year police veteran, and founder of the At Ease Program, a rapidly growing and cutting-edge service providing confidential counseling and other healing services to first responders no cost.

Sergeant McGrew conceptualized and brought the At Ease Program to life, after seeing first-hand the desperate need within the law enforcement and first responder community, where the rates of alcoholism, divorce, and suicide continue to rise.

The goal of the At Ease program is to encourage men and women in the life-saving professions, to also take care of themselves and obtain the necessary tools to deal with the intense stressors of the job so that they can be their best for their families, friends, and the communities they serve.

Mike faced his own struggles with post-traumatic stress injuries and other self-destructive behaviors, after years of dealing with the gruesome, and at times, inhuman crimes he encountered while working as a police officer. He also experienced the unbearable pain of losing a child to cancer.

It wasn’t until he acknowledged and admitted his weakness, he was able to find hope for himself in salvation through Christ Jesus. It is now his mission to restore and bring hope to fellow men and women who risk their lives for the communities they serve daily. Sergeant McGrew also realizes the need for the healing of trauma in the lives of everyone and continues to extend his ministry through his book “A Higher Call to Duty” and other inner healing ministry services.